Stop Smoking Hypnosis Tips and Fee

The stop smoking session usually lasts between 90 to 120 minutes. The sessions are tailored to you. It is important that you commit to being a non-smoker from the time of your appointment.


How to Approach Your Quit Smoking Appointment

We are all different and you should apply whatever readiness you feel suits you on the day of your appointment. To help you here are some ideas of what my clients have done that have enabled them to be ready for their day. They have :-

1. Stopped smoking on the day of the appointment even before they have had the stop smoking session.

2. Smoked right up until the appointment and probably had 3 or 4 very quick smokes before attending outside the hypnosis practice.

3. Asked to have that one last smoke. This is a good way of saying goodbye to cigarettes.

4. Thought about how their life will be different after the session. For example some people decide to start some form of exercise and/or to eat more healthily too.

5. Decided for a while to cease some activity that they associate with smoking. (eg going to the pub with a certain group of friends)

These are just some ideas of the successful strategies that others have used to become a non-smoker.


Quit Smoking Fee

The fee for the 90 to 120 minute session is £150.


Is there a Quit Smoking Hypnosis Guarantee?

It is impossible to offer a guarantee with the quit smoking session. In fact offering a guarantee is more likely to tempt you back to smoking if you knew you could get a refund. Your best approach to the session is to commit to your decision to stop smoking. As the hypnotherapist I can’t make you stop smoking now against your will but what I can do is support your decison to stop.

I have received many testimonials over the years from people I have helped.


I think I am someone for whom Hypnosis Won’t Work!

I have heard many people say this. The hypnosis session is not a battle between us. I should not have to, and will not try to convince you to stop smoking. I will however do everything in my skill set and experience to help you stick to your decision to finally quit for good. Are you prepared to do the same?


Here are examples of the smokers I have helped become non-smokers :-

1. The chain smoker who smokes at least 80 a day and is now 75 years old. He had a boring life and was in pain a lot from his ailments.

2. The young man of 26 years who was sporty and only started smoking at the age of 20.

3. The skeptic who even after the quit smoking session thought it was a waste of time and money but still remained stopped.

4. The occasional and social smoking lady who wanted to quit completely

5. The lady who tried the patches, gum and all NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) options without success

6. The guy who had read the Allen Carr “Easy Quit Smoking Book” (which I think is great) and had stopped for several months but started again and noticed that reading the book a second time had not had the same effect.

…and many more people besides. The truth is that if you really want to stop smoking you will stop smoking.


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